Applicants wanted For ASHRAE Awards and Recognition

Every year ASHRAE hands out two refrigeration awards, the Milton Garland and the Comfort Cooling. The winner of each receives a Plaque at the Winter meeting, gets listed in the program, announced in the ASHRAE newsletter, and could be included in an article in the ASHRAE Journal. It’s a great opportunity for a design team and contractor to gain recognition for project and highlight their innovative side.

Of the two awards the Comfort Cooling has the broadest opportunity and perhaps the least applicants. Applicants can be any project where mechanical cooling was utilized for occupant comfort. The project must be within the first 36 months of occupancy. Across Northeast Florida there have been numerous new projects completed. Last year the Jacksonville Chapter had no applicants. Recent years Region XII has received only a handful of applicants. It is the Jacksonville Chapters goal to make a winning submission of at least one project this year.

The project should have some innovative quality to it. The innovation might be in energy savings such as VFD driven chillers, raised floor plenum, demand control ventilation, or chilled beams. A different strategy on controls or integration with other systems to deliver a comfortably cooled environment could be considered innovative. It does not need to be cutting edge but just some what innovative with a successful outcome. The project must have a connection to our chapter such as the designer or contractor is a member, but the actual location of the project is not limited to Northeast Florida.

The Milton Garland award is for projects using mechanical cooling for non comfort cooling purposes. The same criteria applies that the project have some connection to our Chapter and be in its first 36 months of operation.

Anyone with a possible project please contact the CTTC Chair Brad Tepper or President-Elect Thomas Tidwell and discuss the project. If the project is deemed a contender then the CTTC Chair along with the Regional Vice Chair for Refrigeration will work with the applicant to prepare necessary paperwork. The applicant will receive significant help from the Chapter in preparing the application. There will be step-by-step guidance. The RVC who is also a former member of the award committee with read and offer suggestions on improvement. The CTTC Chair will assist in editing by proof reading, reviewing for technical accuracy, and marking up comments on suggested changes. Applications must be submitted no later than May 1st. It is a great opportunity to gain recognition for the project, the design team and the Jacksonville Chapter.

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